The Temp

The No.1 i-Tunes Bestseller

No one was going to replace her. Were they?

Carrie is a successful TV producer in a high pressure job. She’s talented, liked, and well-respected. She and her husband, Adrian, an award-winning screenwriter, decided years before that they didn’t want children. But now, just as they’re both at the pinnacle of their careers, she has discovered she is pregnant, and is shocked to find that she wants to keep the baby. But in a competitive industry where time off is seen as a sign of weakness, Carrie looks on the prospect of maternity leave with trepidation.

Enter Emma, the temp, who is everything she could wish for as her cover: smart, willing and charming. Carrie fears that Emma is manoeuvring her way into Carrie’s life, causing turmoil in both her marriage and her work as she does so. The problem is everyone else adores her . . .

Increasingly isolated from Adrian and her colleagues, Carrie begins to believe Emma has an agenda. Does Emma want her job? Or is she after even more?


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Praise For The Temp

The No. 1 i-Tunes Bestseller

‘British author Frances follows her well-received debut, 2018’s The Girlfriend, with an outstanding psychological thriller.  Frances, who keeps the suspense high as the action accelerates toward the shattering finale, reinforces her position as a writer to watch.’
– Publishers Weekly

‘The push and pull of characters who work to succeed from different angles create a story abounding with mysteries, revelations, and lies, making this novel one of a kind.’
– Library Journal

‘Fans of BBC drama The Replacement will lap up this taut and suspenseful tale.’
– Heat

‘Another solid psychological thriller from Frances’
– Booklist


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